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Bollinger by noting that although “all governmental uses of race are subject to strict scrutiny, not all are invalidated by it,” the fact remains that racial classifications are much more difficult to sustain than any other kind of classification. United states the supreme court again upheld the ban on polygamy. By the 1800s, cousin marriage was not unusual. My hope is that you are looking for someone who is  very "human"--- warm and caring, down to earth,  easy to talk to, active and engaged, encouraging, and a bit witty. Return for periodic follow-up and reassessment sessions. Astrology our childless problem solution in gandhinagar supply the excellent type of solution to the problem without children. ) those tv and internet bundles could gobble up your cell phone, too.

 after the initial consult, you will have the opportunity to move forward or simply find a different counselor who better fits you. You lied to your girlfriend and really hurt her and your relationship you want to prove to her that you love her and that you need her to begin to trust you again any help. If you have cheated however this will be very difficult as her trust will have dissapeard for you and most likely will never be able to trust you for the rest of your lives even if she says she does. ” finally, she realized that she would never grow spiritually if she didn’t do the last thing god had told her to do. Not only is it important to decide how to allocate your money at the bank, but this is the time to get serious about creating a family budget. When the actual final reached its end, djokovic began that thing he does now with the crowd, extending his arms toward them—one portion of the stadium, then another, then another—exhorting them to roar, applaud, acknowledge him, share the love. It’s actually a bunch of chemical stuff going through your brain making you stupid, goofy and happy as fuck. Angelina jolie has filed for divorce from brad pitt amid shock claims he cheated on her with movie co-star marion cotillard. It is about a group of a family that has come together for an important topic, then spreads out into including the whole family. "i have tried chivvying him up and trying to get him to do things until i started to ask myself why i was doing it.

If a couple with a colorado. “the husband will be innocent of any guilt in this matter, but his wife will be held accountable for her sin. * "hey rick, you got some kind of hand-shaped device that can open this mayonnaise jar. There is no way god, in whom i believe, want us to be so sure of the exact words in the bible. {a} and pistols; and so makes a long antithesis, by the which he would make good, the bells are the makers of the true church. Set up one's own hours.

And just remember, the amazing thing about love, is you can't possibly run out of it for the more you give, the more you generate. I wanted to get away from the life i knew up until then. The cycle continues, with episodes occurring. Clearly, a person cannot genuinely offer forgiveness to their spouse, while. The marriage license must be given to the clergy, as a representative of the state, prior to the wedding ceremony.   he is doing it--miracles and the scales falling. I want to use this great opportunity to testify how the great prophet saved my marriage, i'm from california.

I was very much in love with the first guy i slept with and did 'wait'. At 27 you've been out of the home for a while dear. I am so glad to read this article and comments. Is he a man of good reputation. Briefly, i want to talk about the four areas and talk about their problem goals and a couple of strategies when appropriate. Isn’t it a conflict for me to unify my pastoral role with that of an agent of the state. Is there any way she can heat up their relationship without nagging her husband incessantly.   the session length and fee structure for discernment counseling is different from couple / marriage therapy. Hard times bring out the worst in people, and you feel you are being unjustly accused of wrongs you’ve never committed. That is way too much but it’s not like it can explain away the huge disparities that exist.

In addition, the 85 and older population is expected to more than triple to over 21 million and account for about 4 percent of u. “aik to tumharay kharchay khatam nahi hotay.   their self-awareness and sense of empowerment is actually an act of desperation, a last-ditch effort for freedom. However, marriage is not perfect because people are not perfect. Understanding the legalities of the divorce process laura has walked me through the maze of this legal system educating me so that i understand the divorce process. When i found out, after we were married, that he cheated maybe up until the day of the ceremony, we'd been married over a year and i was 3 months preg. But vice versa, relationships can be a very powerful part of healing.

Francine: i think by teaching them, things that we are doing every day. Self-disclosure in order to foster a sense of communality of universal. Therapists begin the process by collecting “data” to the interaction between the partners by watching the way they interact. But it was mind over matter. This strategy is incorporated into most batterer intervention programs, and it works first by developing and sharing a common understanding of domestic violence and then by targeting and changing those social norms that allow for continued domestic violence. You have every right to have a separate house in which you. Let me paint the picture for you.

Gambling addictions, addiction to pornography on the internet can expand until. It was shown in the previous seasons of "rick and morty" that beth and jerry always had a problematic marriage, with beth being unhappy when she had to give up her dreams of becoming a surgeon after her marriage to her unhelpful husband, jerry. They speed past a statue holding what looks to be an illuminati eye. I have only one life and this is not how i want to spend mine. Jennifer smith is so authentic and humble as she pulls back the curtain on the first few years of her marriage. The wife need not adopt any muslim laws, and the husband is not allowed to keep her from going to church or synagogue. As per islamic law, marriage is a contract, and the purpose of marriage is to legalise sexual relations between a man and a woman, for the procreation of children (however, this is not a universal view, with other competing views existing about homosexuality in islam). The research showed that older people in troubled marriages — particularly women — have a higher risk for heart disease than those in a good marriage. I founded willow tree counselling after over a decade of work in public practice. Husband’s work helps in their first few years.

  i feel like i've tried everything. “hate-at-first-site” is another long-standing trope that predates movies and television. That’s just my two-cents…anyway, i love that this personality system includes those who do not fit the stereotypes. The pledge on the altar “till death do us part” may be an ideal, but is today, and perhaps has always been, far removed from reality. Returning back from there is not possible for you.

Wait…and listen to his response. That has happened to me alot and i have a boyfriend right now named zac e and he know about it and he gives me comfort about things. That person may say “i get it that you felt hurt by my words” or “i see that what i did had that impact on you. With this, you’ll be ready to discover however you’ll solve your current matrimonial issues and keep one’s eyes off from divorce. Surely, i've made some errors. It's just saying that god hasn't. Sang chatti, is the traditional practice of forced marriage of women and young girls in order to resolve tribal feuds in parts of pakistan and afghanistan. #16 everyone has flaws, so accept your partner for who he/she is.

Is he/she an argumentative person. Call us today to schedule your first couples counseling session, and i will.   if a person is not having a real, intimate, personal and passionate relationship with god . Sahih al-bukhari 3895—narrated aishah that the prophet said to her, “you have been shown to me twice in my dream. But this lobby cannot be particularly large. Enhance your career potential by enrolling in this argosy university, salt lake city doctor in marriage & family therapy degree program.

Is such a resilient kid with a great sense of humor and a real joy to be with. Your marital status is an important demographical statistic to a large array of groups and institutions. When i suggested he have an open and honest conversation with his wife about the things troubling him, she simply refused. If a candidate offers information, such as, “i will need a flexible schedule because i have four children in elementary school,” you can answer the question about whether your company offers flexible hours and any qualifications that your policy requires for eligibility. Even though he is literally going through the same trial again he experienced with saul, david's confidence was in god's sovereignty and control. Had i not been here, your trip would have been come to srinagar and chill in the hotel, go to pahalgam and chill in the hotel, go to any fucking place and chill in the hotel. For example, a lot of guys have never had “relationship training,” be it how to talk with a woman, how to empathize, how to have a healthy sexual relationship, how to deal effectively with conflict, and how to be a good mate or relationship partner overall. God was blessing our ministry and marriage. Make the choice to be problem-solvers in the marriage.

These in addition to the number of wives david. So often we are chained to our computers and smart phones and forget to enjoy the moments we are in. Personally, i think it is wise for couples to establish a weekly plan to practice sexual intimacy.  originally, i was just going to help plan the event. They married because of the roosevelt programs of the era. Get extra rest, eat right, exercise, keep in touch with friends, and nurture yourself. When a child has add or adhd, the pressures on stepfamilies are compounded. And as we all know, those are three important parts to keeping a marriage thriving. I try to focus on the desired outcome (as you mentioned in your article.

And when an illness interferes with one's ability to work, financial uncertainty can now take center stage-fear and anxiety are common as the once secure areas of your life give way to uncertainty. The supreme court also revealed that the above judgement is applicable only in cases where a woman had been married to a man without knowing the existence of his first wife or any information about his first marriage. You will be allowed to sponsor only close family members. “how far that little candle throws his beams. Fundamental is an understanding of how the gospel of jesus christ answers the most basic and most complicated issues in life. To me, it seemed as though my husband did not care about how his rage affected our family. Need a strong hand who’s in control of.

If not possible, visit alone and you marriage counsellor would surely show you the ways to make some efforts to save your marriage. I believe that few youth, given sufficient resources, respect, and support, would choose violence. They may also lose their home, their church, and their standard of living. If we can say that the most important need for a husband in marriage seems to be sex, the most important need for a wife is to.

Christian Marriage Counseling Lansing Mi

The guide to getting it on.   for this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh. What a beautiful feeling to be connected in such a way. - assessment, intervention, and treatment for addicts, alcoholics and codependents . If 50 percent of marriages end in divorce the other half must end in death. It solely concerns this caste regulations and regulations and denies just about all concerning once feelings and true love marriage solution. But when you have an ending marriage you can't do that - because you can't think. It’s a two day relationship fix. Location of official papers like social security cards, marriage certificates, etc.

On your 25th anniversary today, let loose and feel like a teenage couple again. Advice from the “communication problem solver”. " she kissed him and playfully slapped his bottom. Ebook for renewing a marriage. Their eye is on you. Triangles are the basic molecule of human relationship systems. You will continuously practice and further refine what you have already learned throughout the course. -in many cases, sexual masochism disorder seems to have developed through the behavioral process of classical conditioning.

Laughter is found among various animals, as well as in humans, although it is more rare in most mammals and animals overall. They are respected leaders in their community and have been published in leading publications, such as the chicago tribune, prevention, psychiatric times, atlanta journal constitution, and the journal of mental health counseling. In seeking to develop more intimate caring relationships, it can be useful to explicitly differentiate sexual intimacy from other forms of intimacy. However you cut it, cheating on your spouse, whether you do it only once or over the life of the marriage is destructive. Many marriages are destroyed by this destructive pattern that can affect men and their relationships with their female relationships and spouses. At the same time i had started to compete in firefighter combat challenges.

What is your attachment strategy. Or we have an empty bed—let’s fill it with a child who needs a home and  let’s invite our neighbors to easter dinner. Be sure to contact your local saint johns county clerk’s office well in advance of the wedding to find out on what days and during what hours the clerk will be in the office. Exposure therapy requires the hoarder to face his or her anxiety by organizing, sorting, and making decisions regarding what should be discarded and what will be kept while at the same time monitoring his or her anxiety level. I find this reverent view of culture a powerful idea, one. Which leads me to suspect that this topic is not being discussed. The question is asked, 'wherewithal. However, the average training time for the simplest problems is 20 sessions. Ardmore, pa: society for the advancement of sexual health (sash).

And ultimately learning to have a lot of fun together again. ” and he said to them, “all too. Whether you want to resolve big issues or small issues in your marriage/partnership, whether you are committed to staying together or not, if you want a way forward we can help you.  before you make any definite decisions please listen to this podcast and if you can join our weekly group calls and ask questions. You are healed, and you will no longer be in pain.

If you are unable to attend any of these workshop at their listed locations, check out the smartmarriages directory at www. No i did not come to this conclusion on my own either. Have you ever felt alone in your relationship. In 1 corinthians 7:9, "but if they cannot contain, let them marry: for. I am now so grateful she lives with us. Those who are 65 or older at retirement will hear from us shortly after retirement. Instead, he has allowed them to become tyrants and his ex to have far too much power in your marriage.

Now a year later, he is willing to pay for me to come to egypt if he is not approved to come to my country for a visit. The man could always marry another woman, as long as she was a valid marriage partner, for example, not a “woman of the land” or a “blood relative. Lack of communication coupled with lack of intimacy, care, and affection will further strain relation and you are bound to feel depressed. After these initial areas are covered, there is further consideration for setting boundaries in order to stay safe in the relationship and how the partner is taking care of herself through the healing process. Over the years that we have offered counselling and psychotherapy services we have had the privilege and honour to be invited to help many individuals, couples and families work through personal and interpersonal issues. Some students, she wrote, have pressured their professors to avoid teaching the subject in order to protect themselves and their classmates from potential distress. Young people can help prevent the spread of these debilitating, incurable, and sometimes fatal diseases by saving themselves for their spouse in marriage. Take a ball of string or yarn, large enough that it can be tossed from person to person to create a web. Lauren told a friend that it had been her idea for the three of them to meet for drinks.  no matter how rough things get for us, we have the blessing of knowing that god is with us, he smiles down upon us and is our strength in our time of need.

You look for solutions to your marital problems outside your marriage. By: leslie cane: i sometimes hear from people who aren’t sure how much more work they can put into their marriage. A marriage, even against her will.      one thing is plain for me to see. Counseling around the lifespan through cindy l.

Were you serious about finding god or did he just get a hold of you out of his mercy. At the point when there is an adoration, subsequently debate and fallacies additionally lives there. Women, in the meantime, at this stage are tired of the "home fires". In fact, my first date was probably pretty similar to yours: he was charming, he paid attention to me, and he flattered me. She's let poop from her dogs sit out for days, un-eaten food sit out for days, things like ranch and sour cream sit out all day then put them back in the fridge, etc.

Go from getting by to struggling, from planning for their financial future to. The treatment time for clinical depression can be 18 months longer for those with financial problems too. Moment (can low testosterone cause mood swings. Earlier this year, clunes appeared on the first episode of itv’s late night talk series, “the nightly show. She told me i would love it and she was right. We don't have a bad marriage but, it's not great, yet.

Not that it wasn’t helpful in some aspects, just that i didn’t take anything away that i could use day-to-day. Age at marriage was associated with most of our measures of the marital relationship. This union called marriage is to be undergone between two mature people, with mature minds. It’s alright to take time to think. Ergo communication between the different elements/parties is inherent ~ they are essentially part of or variations of one thing. • the counseling must concentrate on one central specific.

The prophet (peace be upon him) said: when a man dies, his deeds come to an end, except for three: sadaqah jariyah (ongoing charity), knowledge by which people benefit, or a pious son who prays for him (the deceased). To consider this issue, it is important to look at the historical situation of the framers and what they intended. Hebrews 13:4 says "marriage is honourable in all, and the bed undefiled: but whoremongers and adulterers god will judge. But overall there was a serenity there more than i would have expected. Small acts of kindness have always been a big part of our relationship. If i read it right, your husband is "helping" out the planner (the woman) to plan for the mutual friend's birthday party.

Whenever our anniversary rolled around i would smile and think about how far we've come. "many people around me have no children and plan to have no children. If you desire and are willing to work for it, you can achieve enormous success, prestige, and fame. You always make me feel so happy. Our own experience while conducting the interviews suggests that pain avoidance often prevails over other activities, although this was not always the case. (2) if a party to a marriage is unable to be present at the solemnization, the party may authorize in writing a third person to act as proxy. In different words, it is getting the heart to understand what the mind often already does. Many security clearance holders have sought such assistance and have retained both their access authorization and professional reputation - no one should feel that they have to suffer in silence.

Shortly after the divorce, sharon moved from their modest home into a rather cramped apartment since house payments were beyond her means. I think a settled gay marriage is rather healthier than imprisoning 300 people in your house to have sex with at your whim. Our son is extremely sensitive and we both believe our divorce would be very traumatic for him. I was told to marry her. Businesses may also use storage containers for relocation purposes. Newsweek came under an onslaught of criticism for publishing a cover story titled: "hit the road, barack: why we need a new president. The first marriage law of the people's republic of china was promulgated on may 1, 1950 and went into immediate effect. What were these business people thinking. Do not rejoice when your enemy falls, and do not let your heart be glad when he stumbles; lest the lord see it, and it displeases him, and he turn away his wrath from him.

The democratic debate should instill a sense of pride in voters. Want and you won't have van hausen or jordache shirts to wear so you'd be better. If it wasn’t for him, i doubt i would have made if far in those two subjects. Meet them at the door laughing,. Read the first chapter of ephesians and rejoice with me. Here at endeavour, we understand the importance of individuality, that’s why we create a program for each individual couple to ensure your plan to getting your marriage on the right track is tailored to your specific needs and situation. I am 420 friendly and a little sip out of the bottle never really killed anyone either, if that is your thing. Save the marriage-lee baucom save my marriage system. Precolonial town crafts, dating from the middle ages, were among. I have been dealing with lusts for awhile now but now it’s like i’m finally trying to gain control over it.

Couples publicly share their marriage story. They have been subjected to cameras in their personal space since tehy were 4 years old. Moreover, unlike true cases of. After the supreme court decision in favor of gay marriage, conservative critics spotted sister wives on the horizon. Jim was faithful to his wife, and they were a great couple. Also, the left is concerned that child marriage undermines the possibility that the u. Marriage was intended to pair a man and woman together to complement each other, so you could share the burden and strengthen each other. We take the step into the afternoon of life.

Instead, god goes to work "right speedily". You, god and your marriage. Married people need to take very seriously the words of scripture concerning adultery: “marriage should be honored by all, and the marriage bed kept pure, for god will judge the adulterer and all the sexually immoral” (heb.

Christian Marriage Counselors Lansing Mi

Keep in mind that modifications may be needed if the first arrangement is not sufficient. You’ll have to pay income taxes on the amount you convert, but special tax rules in 2010 can make the conversion more attractive. If there's any chance a marriage can be saved at the last minute, i am all for it. This skill asks couples not only to take ownership of their feelings and respond empathically with acceptance and without judgment, but also to acknowledge the meaning of the relationship ("your feelings affect my feelings"). And make it he did. How does a judge decide custody if a parent is unfit. He later served as chapter president and attended urbana 1973. Compliments from others builds self-esteem.

The premise of the story is enchanting and i'm happy to have a tv series to help me bring the characters further to life. I care for my body. For years, margaret had been relishing a trip to a marriage counselor as her chance to pour out a long list of complaints to a sympathetic ear. The reality, in my experience, is somewhat different. For desi, marriage was one thing, monogamy another.

Allah knows and allah’s deen is pure. Low cost marriage counseling torrance ca asking whether you have lives on. Two terms have risen quickly from obscurity into common campus parlance. Gertrude prayer for the relief of the holy souls in purgatory to someone, they might say it many times, but might also teach it to someone else. Wife opted #counselling for #marriage by integra to bring him back in her life after she told him to get out of her room but not of her life. It is easy in today’s world, simply google it.

Learning to understand horse behavior can help people learn how others function in the world and the way their behavior impacts others. What was your flesh saying. If you gain your self-esteem from being the life of the party, losing favor with certain friends may be the trigger. For bearing the responsibility for injustice leads to having a blind. I have an active meditation practice, and enjoy life with my young family. Castle leod, a view into the past.

When we love and serve god in this way, we love and serve god with great joy. Again, i question any education that assumes its purpose is to reify the present without trying to understand the past. Is a typical life stress, and it can create problems in a marriage," says ochoa. Our therapists do not judge our clients. The situation in pennsylvania became unclear in 2003 when an intermediate appellate court purported to abolish common-law marriage (. Still has a plan in the midst of our pain. In light of his separation, pitt did a lot of soul searching and self-reflection. Their mythology, legends and stories are no more bloody and cruel than the stories we find in the jewish collection of stories and legends. Ji, for the purification of our mind and body. When no love marriage problem solution derived from your efforts works for you, it is time to give mystic ways of nurturing relationship a try.

Am i eligible to get a marriage license in multnomah county. Of each year, your benefit limits are renewed allowing you to claim benefits again. Pack a picnic and eat dinner at a new park.  common law also held that if a marriage is not consummated, it could be declared to be a legal nullity. Marriage in this sense is a. She admitted that it was her former high school boyfriend (first love). God can change my husband more than a counselor, but if my husband won’t listen to god, why would he listen to a counselor. By reaching the level of the unconscious, he can cut down on treatment time and allows patients to see success more quickly. 3 ways to keep the kids from ruining your marriage.

As i have sought to demonstrate at some length in my book. Between men and women there are natural impetuses towards longer term coupling and towards a higher demand for sexual exclusivity. I don’t want to leave him but i wonder if i can truly heal being so close. One good resource that can make a world of difference is the downloadable ebook save my marriage today -- click the title to go there now and start repairing your marriage in minutes. Heated, smooth basalt river or ocean stones are laid out along the body and massaged into muscles. Save your marriage alone  is crucial if you are facing the similar situation and intend to put all your efforts to win your partner back. If a proceeding held under this chapter involves.

When will they no longer sit in judgment of an ecumenical council but subject themselves to the church’s extraordinary teaching office (magisterium). Actually, the number of people who see. Of them, 3,661 were children from mixed jewish/non- jewish marriages. A primary obligation between them and their fellow citizens. The transformative approach to sex therapy aims to understand the psychological, biological, pharmacological, relational, and contextual aspects of sexual problems. According to the dsm, the essential feature of this mental disorder is “…the development of clinically significant emotional or behavioral symptoms in response to an identifiable psychosocial stressor or stressors.

For six months, discussions were held on how to offer counselling to couples in crisis and help them reconcile. " i said "yes, even if you decide that because it's a place to talk about our issues and go to healthy place of functioning. Saving marriages worldwide was created knowing that keeping a marriage healthy is a full-time job. Graduate students who do not meet the requirement for continuous registration during the academic year must obtain an approved leave of absence, in advance, for the term(s) they will not be registered. How do people afford it. Meantime, it’s a dutiful start. Hear, hear rcr, the marriage is over, and it is a bloody hard step to take to grieve for that, and make the decision to stay together and build a better one, so difficult, and so time consuming. But even this could not help save their marriage when the parents continued their disapproval. Has she been subjected to physical torture also in addition to mental torture. This is probably about the time that david realized the tom-nicole marriage was going to happen, no matter what he did.

In addition, both individuals bring different expectations to the marriage, and we change individually and as a couple over time. Now, i do believe that as a wife, there are specifics that are wanted in a marriage, but nothing stated as a demand. Applicants may also need to meet for an interview. In our counselling with couples, we have seen many times over that when just one person works on themselves, with a focus on their relationship, this can lead to good improvements in their marriage. Even without any difference for you all the time for mediation so both partners may think about marriage and they can let go of.

It is more money and full benefits. “most people who overspend their income do so in one of three ways: 1) too much house, 2) too much car, 3) too much entertainment. How will divorce affect your taxes. And imma pin you on this bed like i got some to prove. Like you i also knew when i was acting bad and could not stop me. We recommend remembering their words of wisdom once you tie the knot. The effect on people's lives is real. I am living with my wife, since last 8 months, but when any. Were entered into before january 1, 1957; and. In these latter two situations, animals may still be at risk, but the interventions selected must account for the primary condition present.

Of course, you can give her information and outline. And he had seven hundred wives, princesses, and three hundred concubines, and his wives turned away his heart. My suggestion is that you and your husband consult a well-trained professional before you take matters outside the marriage and risk losing the many good things you have. The best counselor is one who encourages you and your spouse to seek out the problem points and find a solution which is tailored exactly to the causes and manifestations of each problem. The good news is that everything we covered here is only a part of our muse storytelling process. This may be done through a divorce or annulment decree, or a death certificate. Spirits may even have gotten stuck in the physical world as bacteria. Aquarius, your relationship must have friendship and collaboration for you to feel at home. What is considered a group, for purposes of either exogamy or endogamy, varies considerably between societies.

That is why the 5 day retreat was so good for me, brought out some deep emotions, and gave me the time and space to truly experience those feelings in the body. That a new life is about to begin. Yes, mars and saturn contacts in synastry are known for their passionate drama like quality. The catholic church presumes a person contracted a valid marriage unless the evidence completely proves otherwise. Infertility network uk is a national infertility charity, dedicated to the support of everyone affected by infertility. ) is a superset of being sexually molested. Even if you're marriage has hit bottom. “an incident took place and prompted [angelina] to act and file. So if you’re barely s or barely p it might be good to read the descriptions as if you were an n or a j and see if that fits you better. And just became immediately the.

The other is the leaning out spouse. I would think that by definition a marriage counsellor would be trying to 'save the marriage' which at the outset places him or her obliquely in one camp or the other, of a side or with a viewpoint. Plenty of married couples settle into a routine where they have sex less often, or not at all, as their marriage progresses. You grow best when you::. No matter what the issue, however, it is usually necessary for both partners to begin to acknowledge their own contribution to the problem and stop blaming or criticizing their partner before the real work of the therapy can begin. And there is very little more discouraging or heartbreaking than a weak or dying marriage. Becoming a therapist was very natural but it also took me awhile to get there.

Be direct and stay on subject. “you don’t have my back. So if your partner won’t come for help don’t give up because there is so much to learn and do differently. He will direct your path one step at a time. Repeatedly gaslighted into believing my feelings were wrong, i grew remorseful for feeling them. When finished, use your computer's undock, eject, or unmount feature to remove your kindle.

I pray that many marriages will be saved by your organization. Valuing your unique experience and knowledge. No refund will be given.  it still blows my mind every time i think about it. It’s almost as if she’s ruminating out loud. Making friends and engaging in interfaith relationships leading to marriage,.